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still_alive's Journal

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The Figurehead is ||[ s t i l l ( a ) l i v e ]||
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I am a multidisciplinary artist with a passion for creation of all kinds. I publish a smattering of art, design, prose and photography on my websites at http://www.expletive-deleted.net/ and http://www.microchaotic.com/. I've been featured in web-based zines and galleries throughout the internet for the past few years.

This journal is meant as a display space and an idea ground for my current projects. These projects include various web based exhibits, a collection of physical installations created with sculptures, photographs, paint and wordsounds, and a few books of collected photography and poetry.

Why should you watch it or join it as a community? Well, that's up to you. If you like my work and might ever want to work with me on a project, this is probably the best place for you to get good updates and to make comments. I'd like you to watch it basically because I'd like feedback and the chance to work together with other artists. It's not so hard to add it to your bookmarks or add it as a friend if you have a livejournal already.

What will be posted here? My work (photography and visual art mostly but also poetry [wordsounds], installations, multimedia projects, and whatever else I feel is applicable), ideas, and information about outside projects.

What should you post here if you become a member? Things relating to art. It's a pretty loose idea at the moment; I may define it further later.

Important Note:

Many of the posts containing ideas and potential projects will be "friends only" for security reasons. That means they'll only be viewable to members or people I add to that journal's friends list. If you're interested in watching all the posts or joining the community, contact me and I'll add you as a member or to the friend's list if I decide it makes sense.

Public posts will contain mostly finished work or things I'd like more general feedback on.

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