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project in progress

starting: Burbank Hills photoshoot -- web presentation.

This web exhibit will contain selected images from a (not very) recent photoshoot that I participated in (as a photographer). The images are of a slightly fetish/ erotic nature but they also give a nod to fashion photography. I haven't decided on a name for the web presentation yet but I'm still thinking about it.

The people who have participated in this project with me are my two models and another photographer -- all three of whom are part of a thing they're calling the EvilEmpyre. The dark haired model is Sasha Sativa of the band Chromazone and the red head is Yana, a local promoter and casting agent. The other photographer is called Critter and he is currently co-producing Chromazone's latest EP/Demo. Observe:

I write about this today because Sasha Sativa and some other members of the EvilEmpyre had a meeting with some record execs and Marilyn Manson this morning. I put together their press packet yesterday and I'm wishing them the best of luck on their meeting by working on things that relate to them.

There are a LOT of images to go through and finalize so I probably won't be done today but i'll post the URL here when I complete the exhibit.
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